12 Jun 2015

Frucosol Decarboniser MC1000

More customers all over the world are discovering the advantages of using a decarboniser in their kitchens, a machine that is able to remove the grease from any kitchen tool: pots, pans, filters, trays, kitchen hooks, burners...everything!

This week we have sent a new machine to The Three Horseshoes, in Bishops Stortford (Essex), a "family run village inn....with an excellent reputation for their great food and wide variety of fresh fish dishes."

Now, they will have also an excellent point of cleaning in their kitchen. Enjoy it!

27 Feb 2015

Decarbonisers in Ireland

The company RDI in Ireland attended as Exhibitor to the last CATEX Exhibition that took place in Dublin last week.

Besides other products this company represents and our glass froster GF1000, RDI promoted our decarboniser machines.

We work with RDI since 2006 and they have sold and installed machines like our cutlery polishers, glass polishers and of course, the decarbonisers.

We are sure they will get some sales after the Exhibition!!

23 Jan 2015

A new customer in Middle East

At the end of last year, we got an order from one company whom we had been in touch since 2009, Vresso Qatar WLL for one decarboniser MC1000.

What does it mean? It means that there are two companies that have been working harder to survive during the difficult economic period we are living, one selling the best equipment of the world in a small country, and the other manufacturing and developing new machines to make easier the life of restaurants, hotels, bars, caterings, supermarkets, hospitals, and so on.

From Frucosol, we are very sure this will be the first order of many more, and that the customer who has purchased our decarboniser MC1000 will be fully satisfied with the product.

12 Sep 2014

MC2000 decarbonisers

Our customer in Lebanon, the company Ayvazian, have recently made another order of decarbonisers after attending one of the most important exhibitions in their country.

In this case, they have ordered some units of our biggest model, the MC2000, a machine that is suitable for any type of kitchen tool (in bars, restaurants, hotels, caterings, and so on) or bakery pieces such as trays, moulds, etc..

Below you can find a picture of this model, and some pictures of the last exhibition.

4 Jul 2014

A new Franchise of Frucosol decarbonisers

Last month, after some months of negotiations, we could sign another Franchise agreement of our Ecolimpieza business in Chile, with the company Magic Solutions (Resto-Bar Equipment) Chile Limitada.

First of all, we would like to thank their manager, Mr. Luis Inostroza, the trust he had in our products. We are very sure he will make a good job and be sucessful as he knows the market very well, and the product is easy to use, the benefits are clear and all the customers who are using it are very satisfied.

If you would be interested in being contacted by mr. Inostroza, please let us know it.

23 May 2014

Important news are coming...

In the next days, we will make an important anouncement about our decarboniser machines, something that will satisfy a lot of hotels, restaurants, hospitals and bars from South America.

We will give you more information in the next days...

25 Apr 2014


Being nominated as "the most liveable city" in 2013, Copenhagen is one of the most touristics destinies in the north of Europe. Due to that, the directors and managers of the hotels have to take care of their services and offer the last technology in every part of the hotel, not only in their rooms.

Then, our dealer Ken Storkokken is going to make some tests in one of the best hotels in Copenhagen with our cutlery polisher mod. SH3000, and the glass polisher mod. SV2000.

According to Ken's category manager equipment words, Mr. Jorgen Jorgensen, "the hotel has 850 bets and is one of the famoust hotels in Copenhagen".

We are sure the tests will be satisfactory and these would be the first 2 machines we send to this hotel, as they will probably want to test our orange juicers, decarbonisers or the new glass froster machine.