About us

We are looking for new solutions that provide us with an extra benefit

FRUCOSOL is a Spanish manufacturer of food service and catering equipment for hotels, restaurants and caterings (HORECA). The I+D investment politics has increased little by little the number of resources to enhance and improve the productive systems and the business management. Its current range of products stands out by its new systems, pioneer in this sector, and the quality of its components.
The best technology together with a certified quality is the warranty that proves its compromise with innovation. With customers all over the world and an important National market share FRUCOSOL can be considered a leader in the sector.
We try to offer always products, like our decarbonisers, that can be adapted to our customers’ needs; those will solve one of the biggest problems you can find in any kitchen.
We work to introduce creativity and vanguard in hotels, restaurants, caterings, bars, coffees …helping our customers in this way to offer a better final service.