Our Decarbonisers have become essential equipment in any industrial kitchen (bakeries, hospitals, hotels …) providing our customers with many advantages and benefits like for example:
It protects the environment thanks to the water saving and decrease of the residues production.

We have calculated about 90.000 liters of water that we can save using our new system of cleaning so it is an important economic benefit and one of the best natural resources management.

The gas and electrical consumption decrease means a more efficient use of our energy sources.

Unbelievable decrease of cleaning materials, keeping in this way the environment balance.

Increase the life of your kitchen tools as it is a much less aggressive process than cleaning it by hand with chemical products.

Scourers and cleaning tools, chemical products and salaries savings. Approximately we can save about 1000 euro using the decarboniser cleaning system.

Using those cleaning systems improves the workers’ temper as they won’t have to do a hard job, a task in which many times they were forced to use dangerous chemical products.

It helps to keep the cleaning and hygiene levels demanded by several standards. This new system of cleaning is a warranty to fulfill the SYSTEM APPCC